International Qualitative Market Research Specialists

We are proud to have earned the reputation of reliable, quality research provider ---
--- who clients and suppliers enjoy working with.

We are focused on multi-country moderation in healthcare

Years of experience moderating healthcare topics in English, German and French

We love the challenge of doing the tough stuff: Interviewing medical specialists about complex disease states and treatments, as well as gaining insights from patients about topics nobody likes to talk about - the frustration of diabetes, the shame of incontinence, and the struggle with obesity to name a few.

Our expertise doesn't end with healthcare. With 15 years of experience across IT, B2B and Consumer Research studies, we thrive on growing our experience through the variety of new methodologies and diverse topics.

Our passion is cross-cultural understanding

Meeting North American clients' needs in Europe and around the world

We have lived and worked in the USA and in Europe, and have the background and years of experience needed to ensure methodology, screeners and discussion guides "translate" for respondents across countries.

We are dedicated to making international studies work. Never losing sight of cultural context, our consulting spans setup through fieldwork to analysis. We are committed to helping clients understand study findings, and to decode drivers of differences between countries.

Services we offer

Qualitative Moderation is the heart of our business.

We regularly moderate for agency clients who provide their own fieldwork.

When requested, we also coordinate fieldwork services across Europe or worldwide.

Moderation We have one moderator who works in English, German and French, and work with trusted moderators in other languages

Study Design We help define methodology, develop and localize screeners and discussion guides.

Analysis and Reporting We prepare toplines, full reports, recommendations and presentations.

Complete Fieldwork

We work with trusted partners to coordinate facilities, recruiting, honoraria, recordings, video transmission, etc.

Elizabeth Lamberts, Lead Moderator

moderates in English, German and French

A natural communicator, Elizabeth loves the challenge of understanding and being understood across languages and cultures. When she's not interviewing, she can be found in the gym or in the local pub, supporting Bayern Munich or, when travelling, cheering on the local team.

6 years of experience on the client side plus 15 years working as an independent moderator allow her to quickly come up to speed in complex topics, as well as in the underlying business implications.

Elizabeth moves seamlessly between her native English and fluent German and French, connecting with respondents and helping clients gain insights unique to each country, yet consistent across countries.

Dr. Stefan Lamberts, Research Director

crafts findings into actionable results

An analytical thinker, Stefan has a knack for cutting through complexity to arrive at the essence of both problems and solutions. He juggles multiple projects with the same ease as he cycles up or skis down steep alpine passes - and knows how to make it all look easy.

Stefan joined the market research industry 10 years ago, bringing 15 years of experience in large-scale multi-country IT project management, corporate organizational consulting, technical marketing and academic computer science research.

Stefan's sharp focus assures clients' and suppliers' needs are understood and met. Clients tell us they love how his executive summaries and reports capture key takeaways in an actionable manner.